2016 Neuroscience for Kids Poetry Contest Winners

contest winners


Congratulations to Nathan and Deka for being among the winners of the University of Washington’s 2016 Neuroscience for Kids Poetry Contest

Every year UW’s Neuroscience Department holds a writing or drawing contest for children. This year they were calling all poets in grades Kindergarten through 12. Each age group had developmentally appropriate contest rules. For example, Kindergartners did not have to rhyme while sixth graders were asked to submit a Haiku. Many of our students participated and everyone’s work was beautiful. Deka and Nathan were among the winners from a total of 478 entries.
Deka tells us, “This is the first contest I really won. It was fun because I couldn’t think of anything that I could describe my brain with, but then I thought of a lion. And lions eat stuff and my brain eats knowledge. So, out of those two things I made a poem.”
“I’m glad I participated now, because I won.” says Nathan. who was reluctant at first.
“How often do you see a child write poetry about the wonderful world of the brain and mind?!!” says Miss Sonya, C.R.E.A.T.E. Education Specialist. “Here at Phoenix Rising, our students have learned so much about neuroscience, I thought it would be great for them to participate in this contest. It is so exciting that two of our students won! In my mind, they all did.”
Congratulations, to Deka and Nathan and all who entered!!!
Here is a video of the poets reciting their work:

Here are their poems: