Board of Directors

Meet Phoenix Rising’s dedicated Board of Directors. We are committed to diligently work on expanding the dream of the Phoenix Rising School…a place for all children to be their brilliant, conscious and aware selves. A place where children love learning and exploring outrageous possibilities.


Lucy Ryan, Board Chair

Jeremy Chenvert, Board Treasurer 

Carol Franks, Board Member

Mary Jo Kenney, Board Member

Cindy Shorno, Advisory Board Member – Auctioneer and Community Resource

Lucy Ryan

Board Chair

Lucy was born and lived much of her life in rural New England. Her early education was at the ‘Little Red Schoolhouse’ a short walk from home.

Jeremy Chenvert

Board Treasurer

Jeremy works currently as a IT supervisor for Pierce County, managing the Network and the phone systems. He manages budgets and sets rates to support these budgets.

Cindy Schorno

Advisory Board Member - Auctioneer & Community Resource

Cindy Schorno was born and raised in the Yelm area. She attended Yelm Community Schools and Washington State University.
She has owned and operated
Yelm Real Estate since 1991.

Carol Franks

Board Member

My experience includes raising a family as well as building, owning and managing several businesses.