Grades 4 -6

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In our multi-age class with grades 4-5, children are grouped in a single classroom and are encouraged to share experiences involving intellectual, academic, and social skills. We foster cross-age interactions by facilitating shared discovery. If you step into the classroom during math time you will see children hard at work, some may be huddled on the floor playing a math game, while others may be partnered up in our couch, trying to solve the math problem of the day, while others are working in groups on the learning target for the day.

The Language Arts class overflows with creativity and imagination. If you peek into the classroom you will find students deeply involved in their writing. Their quick writes, poetry, autobiographies and journals become their “think tanks” which unfold discoveries about themselves and their world. You will find some students happily reading Robin Hood, others reading The Hobbit, and still others reading The Giver or Brandon Muller’s science fiction. They  work together in their Writer’s Circle, sharing and re-writing stories preparing them for presentations and publication.

Welcome to the Upper Elementary class

Language Arts


Daily 5:  As well as group led themed based reading students also read for one session a day using  Gail Boushey and Joan Moser’s Daily 5 Daily 5 allows children to be taught and to enjoy and practice reading at their own working level. It also encourages independence and responsibility during their non-teacher directed time.


Classics Starts: During their themed based learning students will be reading from the classic Starts series from Robin Hood, King Arthur, The Odyssey and The Iliad.through to contemporary authors.


Sitton Spelling:  Students will be working on 2 lessons a week on spelling and grammar.


Bay Area’s Writers Project: In this method students will be writing.narrative, journal and short story writing based on the the series of steps set up from prewriting through to revision to publication..





Everyday Mathematics is a research-based and field-tested curriculum that focuses on developing children’s understandings and skills in ways that produce life-long mathematical power.


The Everyday Mathematics curriculum emphasizes:


Use of concrete, real-life examples that are meaningful and memorable as an introduction to key mathematical concepts.

Repeated exposures to mathematical concepts and skills to develop children’s ability to recall knowledge from long-term memory.

Frequent practice of basic computation skills to build mastery of procedures and quick recall of facts, often through games and verbal exercises.

Use of multiple methods and problem-solving strategies to foster true proficiency and accommodate different learning styles.


Each grade of the Everyday Mathematics curriculum is carefully designed to build and expand a student’s mathematical proficiency and understanding. Our goal: to build powerful mathematical thinkers.


In class Science, Art, Language Arts and Math blend together in an exciting and creative way during our 8-10 week Themed Unit Studies. Each unit ends with a culminating project that is presented to the children’s parents where the children also share their themed books, projects, plays and writings. A few of our past themed units have varied from: The Early Explorers, The Hero’s Journey, Greek Mythology, The Civil War, Cultures Around the World, The Oregon Trail and the Pioneers.


We are excited and thrilled to be teaching children in an environment that values and is passionate about fostering a love of learning while respecting and honoring individual differences.