Hands-on Fun!

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As part of our unit on senses, the K-1 class experimented with mixing colors. Using their sense of touch, they mixed primary colors in different amounts to see how it would affect the resulting secondary colors. Then they wanted to see what would happen if they mixed all the colors together and depending on the amount of each primary color, they got shades of greens and browns. At a young age, it is important for children to experience learning with all their senses. It helps them make connections and really integrate what they are learning, instead of simply memorizing. Whenever possible, senses, music, arts and movement are integrated into the children’s learning – hands-on learning at its finest.And, since we know that no two children learn exactly the same way, giving them a variety of learning experiences helps them make sense of what is being taught and makes the experience more fun! Watch a short video of the class here. View photos here.