Learning with Meaning

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Drawing a bluebird smack in the middle of an empty page leaves questions in need of answers, as Genoa came to realize. The bluebird needs a place in which to breathe, to eat, to see and hear and sing, to fly. “I’ll give it a branch to sit on!” “I’ll give him blue skies and a rainbow to fly under. . . . what are the colors of a rainbow?” Soon the bird has a world in which to be and do and live, making a meaningful little drawing to give Dad for his birthday.


Something similar went on with Helen’s hummingbird (and yes, the kids love to be wrapped in the mist of the art room windows).


The fantasy birds that have been flying out of the art room in recent weeks have served a different purpose. The children have surprised me with their seriousness and joy over these funny creations. When they put them on, they become something other than their usual first and second grade selves – real flying birds! When they slip on their masks and wings, they pause watchfully and take off flying, their feet seeming really to lift off the ground. They know they are flying, an important part of a day at school.


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