Outdoor Education

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Learning in and about the outdoors provides direct contact with the natural world, which is a source of powerful and practical learning. Nature engages all of our senses, promotes creative play, and fosters personal development as well as team development.

The outdoor classroom provides opportunities for structured and unstructured learning through tangible and relevant experiences resulting in a greater sense of connection to and responsibility for our world.

The outdoor classroom provides opportunities for structured and unstructured learning.

At Phoenix Rising, the outdoor spaces are as important as the indoors spaces. Engaging nature builds respect and connection with our environment and natural resources, as well as provides tremendous opportunity for practical skill building. Students of all ages engage in age-appropriate outdoor learning such as:


practice using basic tools

creative play

carpentry / construction

nature journaling and drawing

wood working

fire making


plant and animal identification


The outdoor education program is woven into the core academic curriculum offering students relevant application of math, reading, writing, art, science and history. Additionally, students build communication and teamwork through collaborative projects.



Housed on a beautiful, natural, 10 acre wooded campus in Rainier, WA