The Science classroom is full of projects, the result of students using science and engineering together to shape the world around them. Here we learn how to break things down into understandable parts, and then use those parts to create something new, or to solve a problem. What interests and motivates each student is different, and we always look at how students’ existing passions can be incorporated into the subjects that are being investigated.

In the science classroom you will see students using all available resources to understand and change the world. As an inquiry-based classroom students learn that it is important not only to look at different answers to your questions, but to also look at different ways of asking the question.

Students use science to understand and shape the world around them.

Understanding Systems, Inquiry, and Application

Using a collaborative inquiry-based approach we expand and refine student’s thoughts and ideas. Not just teaching information, but rather how to find and process information from existing sources, and from the world around them, as well as how to plan out projects and foresee what information will be needed from an engineering standpoint.


Computer science

Through the use of physical projects, students are introduced to concepts that can be applied in easily accessible activities that smoothly transition into actual computer programing.


Physical, Earth, Space, and Life Sciences

With hands on science we explore, test, build, and ask questions to learn about the universe. Subjects are tied into the themes being explored in the core classrooms. Students work to reveal how everything is connected to the big ideas that have become the powerhouse behind our current understanding of the world.