Student Led Workshops

Late winter saw the introduction of our first Student Led Workshops. It was an opportunity for several students to step forward and show what they know! The students did a magnificent job of pre-planning. meeting with their teacher sponsors, and taking the reins on Friday. Activities included, Trailblazing, led by Zanzi, Acrobatic Tumbling, led by Azura and Chatalain, Spring Crafts led by Alexa, Pillow Making with Jake, and an Animal Workshop with Sydney​.


DSC_0099“I was very impressed by their preparation,” said Ms. Audrey of Azura and Chatalain, the students she sponsored.


“Alexa had everything down, from set up, to a final checklist to make sure that everyone had all their treasures to take home that day,” Ms. Megan expressed of her student sponsoree.


Ms. Genevieve, who sponsored Zanzi, shared, “Zanzi had a great place all picked out. It’s so unique, with covered bowers…. his full class will return to continue the excavation.”


Nathan joined Ms. Sonya to learn how to be a photojournalist.


“I had a ball working with Nathan and having him be my cameraman. He kept saying, Thank you! Thank you so much!” said Sonya. “The entire experience was led by students and documented by a student. It was a very special day.”


We hope to have a second round of ​student led workshops near the end of our school year. You will thoroughly enjoy viewing the short video of the workshops, filmed and co-edited by Nathan. View photos here.