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Judi Flanders
RSE student and former teacher

This school is the best. All schools should follow this great example. Children are put first in this beautiful school. I truly support Phoenix Rising!


sVgfFw Where I come from we don at get much of this sort of writing. Got to look around all over the internet for such relevant pieces. I congratulate your effort. Keep it up!


I deeply believe in what you are doing. One day we will change the world to much more equal, caring, nurturing planet. And schools like PRS will be one of the leading contributor for that change.

Warm regards,

Melody Rae
Teacher-The Phoenix Rising School

As a teacher, it is so refreshing to be trusted with doing what is best for my students. Not everyone learns at the same pace or in the same way. If I have a student struggling in a subject, I do not have to force them forward toward a looming state test. I can meet them where they are, and bring them along as best suits their learning needs..
I love my school!

Eileen R

The Phoenix Rising School is the kind of school we would build for our kids.
That's the short version of my testimonial Now for the looong one:
Academically, I appreciate the 15 kid class size and the combined classes. I am grateful that they are responsive to my kid's strengths and weaknesses and include him in discussions on how best to address his needs.
The part I like best about the academic approach is how a study theme is spread throughout several disciplines so a kid has several opportunity to absorb a concept. eg: A unit on insects is supported not only in the regular classroom (insect care, observation, analysis) but in art (they have ART!) and in the science lab (they have a science lab!).
The C.R.E.A.T.E. program has been a true boon for my kid. Really. No fooling. I had reservations about possible hidden motives but I have been given every opportunity to observe and participate. It's all good. The twice weekly mindfulness classes have increased my kid's confidence - both in his self and in academics.
C.R.E.A.T.E. also translates to our lives outside school. He is now more enthusiastic and MUCH more patient when trying to learn new things. He BELIEVES he can learn to succeed and also that success can be a moving target. This is stuff any parent wants their kid to learn so it's wonderful we have found a school that supports his lifelong learning.
Having visited or tried a couple other alternative schools, this is the best place for us. The tuition is low compared to other local alternative schools. (I know not everyone can afford tuition. Believe that I am grateful.) The teachers seem to have a high level of autonomy which is refreshing and kind of fun. A parent group is organizing for social events and fundraising as well as for supporting classroom needs.
I make a one hour round trip twice a day to drop off and pick up my kid. I consider that time worth the result..


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