The Art of Life!

On Friday, May 29th, students, families, vendors and musicians gathered at The Phoenix Rising School to celebrate their first annual “Art Fest.” This festival showcased creative and unique art work from the students of The Phoenix Rising School taught by their art teacher Miss Jeannie Isaacs. Jeannie first brainstormed this festival back in April and was delighted by the huge response and excitement this event brought to our community.


Beaming with happiness Jeannie exclaimed, “I thought it was really wonderful, beyond my expectations. Everyone on our staff pitched in to help, several parents and volunteers rolled up their sleeves to make things happen. More than two hundred people came, relaxed, enjoyed the wonderful live music, the good food and activities –  and our beautiful campus! I heard several people say it was like an old-fashioned family fair, it felt very safe and friendly.”



Others were equally excited. One mom said, “My daughter didn’t want to leave at the end of the evening. I just looked around and every single person was having a great time relaxing, doing art activities and listening to good music. It was fantastic!”


Perhaps most important was that the festival brought our community together in music, food and fun. One teacher said, “It was so nice to see people from the community come together, share their goods, their talents, and have a good time on a sweet spring evening.”


And that is what it was. A sweet glorious and warm spring evening. The children ran around in short sleeves waving flags and pinwheels they made themselves at the activity tables. They played with balloon animals and swords, ate hot dogs, quesadillas and other delicious fare. One little girl squealed, “I almost took the whole balloon stand and I LOVED the chocolate milk. I had two bottles!”


With visitors from Lacey and Olympia, Yelm and Tenino, it was a sweet time. The kids were playing, the adults were relaxing. The music was upbeat and fun, filling the evening air with songs of friendship and love. One child summed it all up perfectly, “I loved the art fest. It was just awesomely epic! Just amazinger than amazing and awesomer than epic, and epicer than awesome.”


A big and special THANK YOU to all the parents, friends, donors, community members, neighbors and everyone who helped make this event possible! We couldn’t do it without you!


And many thanks to Paulina Amador of Holo-graphics for the many beautiful pictures she helped take at the event.