The Phoenix Rising… A School in the Future

student and her city


Imagine for a moment the world, as you know it, has been transformed into a wonderland of the future. That is exactly what the students at the Phoenix Rising School have found in their Friday workshop called, “Future City.” These students began by looking at A City Through Time by Phillip Steele, and brainstorming their future world. We will have cars with no gas! The cars will run on light power, they will move above the ground. These are just a few of  the ideas bubbling up from the kids ages five to seven who are creating models of future cities in Miss Jeannie’s fine art workshop.

After discussing the book, the children decided a city needs fresh air and clean water. This dialogue continued with a focus on nature, “Our city will have a lot of trees and gardens! There should be streams and ponds for the ducks.” This thoughtfulness is common among students at the Phoenix Rising School, who are exposed to longer recess periods and outdoor education.

Seeing the evolution of a community over many centuries, inspired student to imagine what it would be like if society honored nature, and helped each other. Clearly, they are considering lofty options for the happy lives they see ahead for themselves.

As for humans in the future? “People can ride bikes and go to movies. They need a swimming pool.” But most of all, the kids have been enjoying imaginative play with their tiny stand-up people in the future where theaters, trees, hills, and houses allow for a blissful experience. View photos here.