The Phoenix Rising Graduates Fly Into Their Future!

On June 18th, the parents and children of The Phoenix Rising School gathered together, to honor and celebrate the 6th grade graduates. “This is a very special class for us” said Miss Sophie.


Many of these children have been in school together for 9 years. They created long lasting friendships, and have seen this school through many changes. In addition to their academics, they have built yurts, made nature trails, and participated in many performances. In short, these children have done it all, and reaped the benefits from their experiences. Most of all they have learned to accept and embrace change, and make greatness from every new situation.


On this graduation day they were glowing with pride and the bittersweet taste of moving on. There were many tears as the graduates got up to give their last speeches and bid Phoenix goodbye. Each child described their memories, what they had learned and who impacted them the most. They spoke about their new adventures and articulated their intentions for a bright future.


The day ended with the class taking hands and singing “We are the World.” Parents clapped and cried. They praised their children and you could see the hopes they had for their children’s future.





We stood together, in the afternoon sun, grateful to be a part of our community of learning, friendship, and love. View photos here.